The Flexible City: duurzame oplossingen voor demografische krimp

25 februari 2016, van 20.00 tot 21.40 uur
Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

In the publication The Flexible City – sustainable solutions for a Europe in Transition the authors Tom Bergevoet en Maarten van Tuijl widen their methodological analysis from their successful Dutch publication de Flexibele Stad (2013), to the European scale. They present a toolbox that is able to turn this new assignment into a success.

In this series of events called “the Flexible City”, analyses, methods, instruments and examples of this book will be discussed. Demographic transition is an important subtheme in the book and will be the theme of tonight’s discussion.

Coping with demographic decline will be one of the major challenges of the near European future. More and more European regions are confronted with the negative consequences of it: vacant properties, reduction of investments, decline in employment, etc. Therefore residents, entrepreneurs, policy makers and other stakeholders try to find ways to make these effects bearable, or even to make a profit out of them.

The book “the Flexible City” shows how some European regions made these effects acceptable or even stopped them. They discovered hidden qualities within their own domain, hidden assets that were initially overlooked, and found ways to exploit these hidden assets.

Tonight we will look at inspiring examples of “close reading” of local, hidden qualities throughout Europe. We will find out to what extent these qualities can be exploited, so that the whole region can benefit from them and to what extent these assets contribute to enhance the sustainability of Europe.

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